KaWe Stethoscope

KaWe Stethoscope

KIRCHNER & WILHELM has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of highly-sophisticated stethoscopes. This company has been designing innovative stethoscopes for over 60 years, thus contributing greatly to medical progress in clinical auscultation.

 For this reason, the company has a separate Research and Development Department, in order to insure that technological advancements are made in the field of stethoscope technology.

 A large number of improved stethoscope characteristics have emerged out of this company's many years of technological experience:

 These include, the design of bell-type chest pieces, which greatly minimize the probability of the occurrence of air leakage, as well as membrane chest pieces, which, due to their oscillation characteristics, enable highly-sensitive acoustic sound transmission.

The bell and membrane combination stethoscopes can be switched from one sound sensor function to the other without compromising the acoustic characteristics of the stethoscope. A broad selection of sound conducting tubing as well as ear pieces that can be individually adjusted, ensure unaltered sound transmission to the ears of the examiner.

KaWe offers a broad range of ear tip designs, making it possible for the examiner to find an exact but comfortable fit, while at the same time maintaining the required acoustical integrity. This becomes particularly important with an increased number of patient examinations.

KaWe Prestige

For many years, this has been KaWe's classic among its stethoscopes. The precision chest piece is made of solid stainless steel. The tubes, which are available in many different colours, with their integrated stainless steel head pieces offer the highest level off wearer comfort thanks to their soft ear tips. Each stethoscope comes equipped with two spare pairs of ear tips, a spare diaphragm and a name plate.

– connecting piece with simple and precise positioning aid
– no lost time due to incorrect setting on the chest piece

Standard-Prestige stethoscope

 – stainless steel

 – reversible

– total length approx. 78 cm

– weight Standard: approx. 183 gr.

– weight Child: approx. 137 gr.

– weight Baby: approx. 128 gr.

Profi Cardiology stethoscope

The Profi Cardiology stethoscope is the ideal stethoscope for cardiologists. The chest piece of the KaWe Profi Cardiology stethoscope is available in solid stainless steel. These superior stethoscopes and their outstanding acoustics are crafted with high-quality workmanship and technology. This high-quality stethoscope has a single-tube system with an integrated head piece made of stainless steel. Soft ear tips ensure optimal wearer comfort. Each stethoscope comes with two spare pairs of ear tips, one spare diaphragm and a name plate.

 – chest piece in solid stainless steel design

 – diaphragm Ø 45 mm

– total length approx. 64 cm

 – reversible – single-tube system with integrated head piece of stainless steel

 – weight: approx. 219 gr.

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